Flight Attendant

Photo By: Dreamstime

Video Goes Viral Of The Worlds Funniest Flight Attendant

November 5, 2018

Your flight attendant is there to help make you feel safe, serve you drinks and maybe even make you bust out laughing,

Passenger’s onboard One Frontier Airlines flight from Orlando to Colorado Springs got a little more than what they paid for. 

Flight attendant Daniel Sandberg gave the same old safety announcement a new take. Sandberg began by introducing the passengers to their flight attendants whom he called his wife and mistress and then took it in another direction. 

Sandberg's announcement even poked fun at Frontier Airlines extra fees, "Let's be honest, only those of you who paid the extra $49.99 get any oxygen." 

One Passenger told The Daily Mail that Sandberg made the flying experience a fun one. "It was fun to experience something like this first hand, just being there and having such a rare and hilarious moment happen. When he started his announcement it really perked people up and we all expected it to escalate in humor, which it did."

Why can’t all flights come with a hilarious flight attendant?

So far Sandberg’s routine has been viewed over 34,000 times on YouTube. You can check it out below.