Baby On a plane

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Video Of A Flight Attendant Introducing An Infant To Fellow Passengers Goes Viral

June 5, 2019

Babies on an airplane can either be perfect little angels or crying monsters. One flight attendant wanted to help a mom and her crying infant stay calm and happy while on board. 

Mom Savannah Blum was on a Southwest Airlines flight from Austin to Nevada. Before the plane took off her daughter Brittan began to get a little restless and started crying. 

To help make things easier for Savannah and everyone on the plane, the flight attendant offered to take Brittan along during her pre-flight tasks, which included closing all of the luggage compartments and greeting all the passengers. Getting to meet all everyone on board definitely helped because Brittan stopped crying.

One passenger took a video of the flight attendant and posted it online, it has since gone viral. Check it out below, it'll be the cutest thing you see all day. 

Via: ABC 13