Nosebleed, Tissue, Blood

Flight Passengers Begin To Bleed From Noses And Ears After Pilot Forgets To Depressurize Cabin

September 21, 2018

Imagine you're a flight attendant.  

You turn away from the passengers on your flight for a minute or two, and when you turn back around to face them and attend to their needs, they're bleeding from the noses, ears, and sometimes eyes.  It looks like something from a horror movie.

Well that's exactly what happened on a Jet Airways Flight from Mumbai to Jaipur.  Shortly after takeoff last Thursday, the plane had to immediately turn around after the airplane lost pressure.  The oxygen masks were deployed, and everybody started bleeding.  


Passengers apparently weren't told what was going on, and were just instructed to put on the masks.


Apparently, a pilot FORGOT to flick a switch to depressurize the cabin.  You'd think that would be near the top of the check list wouldn't ya?  

Over 30 of the 166 passengers on the flight suffered bleeding and headaches and had to be treated, and required treatment upon the plane's arrival back to Mumbai.  All because they forgot to flip one little switch.

Via NY Post