Florence Welch

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Florence Welch Has To Get Into A "Trance State" Just To Perform Onstage

September 10, 2018

Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine recently told Rolling Stone that just to get onstage she has to put herself in a "trance state".

According to the report, Welch listens to music and zones out.

Welch told Rolling Stone, that she does this for every show. In fact the only time that she didn't her show ended in disaster. At Coachella in 2015, she wasn't in her "trance state" and tried to jump off-stage breaking her foot.

“I had suddenly become self-conscious,” she said. “I’d just taken my shirt off in front of a bazillion people, and I realized that I’d done that. I remember thinking, ‘Oh, my God, what the f***?’ When you’re in the trance and you go with it, you’re like, ‘Everyone take your clothes off,’ and you’re with everybody. But in that act, I suddenly … it’s like the fucking Adam and Eve thing: ‘Oh, my God, I just realized that I took my top off in front of all these people. I’m not supposed to do that.’

Adding, "I became self-aware for one second, and I was like, ‘I have to get off this stage because all these people can see me.So I threw myself off the stage, but in a self-conscious way that hurt me, because I back in the physical. It was like I suddenly became clunky. When you’re in the almost out-of-body space, you’re usually pretty safe because you’re doing things in such a fluid way that you won’t hurt yourself.”

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