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Dave Grohl's Impression Of Christopher Walken Is Spot On

July 16, 2018

Is there anything Dave Grohl can't do?

Roughly four years ago, the Foo Fighters joined Christopher Walken on Saturday Night Live as the musical guest. Now before the show aired, Walken asked Dave Grohl which word he should stress when he announced them on stage. Of course, the Foo, knowing Christopher Walken and how he talks told him to stress the word Fighters, meaning it would come out like Foo FIGHTERS.

Ok, the story in itself is pretty funny. Aren't we all hearing Christopher Walken saying, "Foo FIGHTERS"?

Now fast forward to 2017. During an interview Chris Moyles, Dave revisits this story, in which he did an impression of Christopher Walken. It is dead on!!!!

OMG! We are dying!