Photo: Tarrant County Homeless Coalition

Fort. Worth Has New Initiative To End Panhandling

May 17, 2018

Panhandling in Ft. Worth is illegal, and Police issued 691 citations last year for soliciting contributions on the street, plus 210 for aggressive panhandling.

Now, NBC 5 reports the city of Ft. Worth is asking good hearted citizens to put their spare funds in the right place to do the most good with the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition.

Here's how easy doing so is!

Next time you feel yourself wanting to give money to a panhandler, test "FWCHANGE" to 4-1-4-4-4, and make a donation, which will go directly to the Tarrant County Homeless Coaltion.

Tarrant County Homeless Coaltion helps provide housing-related services, motel vouchers, bus tickets, and more to those in need.

More details, HERE.