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Fort Worth Plans To Add More Roundabouts

March 14, 2018

Some drivers love roundabouts, while others, many others hate dealing with the chaos of these massive circular intersections.

Regardles of your feelings, Fort Worth plans to add a whole lot more in the future. Doug Wiersig, director of the city of Fort Worth’s Transportation & Public Works Department, laid out the city's upcoming $300 million worth of transportation improvements. This includes a propsed 21 new roundabouts...

Most will be built in North Fort Worth. Wiersig added that there are already 28 roundabouts scattered throughout the city, with 10 currently underconstruction.

Despite many driver's distain for roundabouts, Wiersig insists they are actually safer, increase traffic efficency, as well as capacity. They also elimitate the need for traffic signals, cutting down on maitnence costs, making roundabouts a cheaper solution for the city.

If you're not sure how roundabouts work, Wiersig also suggests that drivers do some research online...