Guy Tied Up With Rope

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Fort Worth SWAT Team Will Now Use A New Non-Lethal Lasso Gun

April 11, 2019

The Fort Worth SWAT team has been given a new gadget to use while out in the field. 

Everybody dreams of getting to use the spy gadgets that belong to James Bond or even using Batman’s grapple gun. The Fort Worth SWAT will now carry something pretty close to a high tech gadget you see in the movies. 

The officers with the Fort Worth Police Department SWAT team have been given a new, non-lethal weapon that uses a rope to lasso persons arms or legs. You know just like Boba Fett did to Luke in Return of the Jedi. 

The device is called a BolaWrap and is made by Wrap Technologies in Las Vegas. The device fires an 8-foot rope that has a small fishhook at the end to attach itself to a person's clothes. The rope then entangles and restrains a person in less than a second. The SWAT team in Fort Worth used the new device just last week on a man who had barricaded himself in a house.

SWAT commander Lt. Todd Plowman told NBC DFW that they’re always looking for non-lethal ways to bring suspects into custody. "We're always looking for less lethal options and ways to de-escalate situations and bring people into custody without injuring them if we can. There is no less-lethal option that is going to be perfect in every scenario. This is just more tools that we can use."

Check out the video below of how the BolaWrap works.