Detroit Grand Prix Starting Line

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

General Motors VP Crashed The Pace Car At The Detroit Grand Prix

June 4, 2018

Well that's a little awkward.

The Detroit Grand Prix took place over the weekend, of course there was a crash or two on the track.

No one thought the the pace car would be the first one to crash. The car responsible for keeping the others in line during the caution flag, crashed right into a wall. What makes this even more awkward was the driver of the pace car was Mark Reuss, Vice President of General Motors. 

What might break a couple of car enthusiasts hearts, was that the pace car for the Detroit Grand Prix was a new Corvette ZR1. The car is priced at $120,000 and has been devalued since hitting the wall. 

The front of the car was damaged and the air bags did deploy. Reuss was not injured, but the car was taken off the track and delayed the race for about half an hour. Check out a clip of the crash below. 

Via: Yahoo Sports