Photo by JC Olivera/Sipa USA

George Lucas Had Ideas For 'Star Wars' Sequels And They're Pretty Bad

June 14, 2018

For the most part, the new "Star Wars" sequels have been well received.  But if you didn't like Episodes 7 and 8 very much, just be glad George Lucas wasn't in charge of making the sequels because they could have been A LOT worse.

Apparently in Lucas' version of the sequels, he wanted to focus more the microscopic organisms known as "midi-chlorians".  If you've seen the prequels, you'll remember these are the little organisms that live in their blood that allow Jedi to use the force.   

In the book that accompanied the AMC series "James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction," it contains transcripts of various interviews that included what Lucas wanted Episodes VII-IX of “Star Wars” to be about. 

Needless to say we're pretty happy with the sequels even more now after finding out about this!

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