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German Teen Loses His Driving License After Only 49 Minutes On The Road

The Teen Had His License Suspended And Will Have To Retake Courses And Pay A Fine

November 21, 2018

There’s always reason to be fearful when kids first get their license. Well one teenager took that to a whole new level by losing his license after only 49 minutes. Caught speeding shortly after passing his driving test, one teen from Germany will now be without a license for a few weeks.

The teen living in Germany, whose name hasn’t been released, was celebrating his new form of freedom by driving around with four of his friends. That’s when a police officer clocked his car going twice the legal speed limit. The punishment could have been worse; as the young teen will have his license revoked for four weeks, and will have to retake some of the training courses he had just passed.

The teenager will also be paying a fine for his illegal driving. He was ordered to pay 200 Eros, which is $228, for going 95 kilometers per hour in a 50 kph zone. Of course cases like this don’t normally get to the public, but the local police department felt the story was so ridiculous it deserved to be shared on Facebook.

In their post, the police station wrote, “Some things hold for eternity... some not even an hour. Just 49 minutes ago, a 18-Year-old driver was able to look forward to his new # Then he got into a laser measurement of the police #hemer.” While against the law, the police officers felt it was worth a good laugh after the fact, even claiming the driver was probably just trying to impress his friends.

While the police had fun with the situation, the punishment was still serious, as they want to set an example for young drivers. “He wasn't just the fastest. At the same time, he was a hefty fine, a driving ban, an extension of his probationary period and an expensive retraining,” the officers said in their post. Hopefully this teen driver learned his lesson, and will just barely go over the speed limit, like the rest of us.