Little Girl, Baby Goat, Cuddle

(Photo via Dreamstime)

Farm Will Hire You To Cuddle With Baby Goats

July 25, 2018

Goat yoga is sweeping the nation right now, which is surprising because who would've thought hanging out with adorable baby animals all day would be enjoyable?

But how do you think those goats are prepared to spend so much time with humans?  Thanks to places like the Hux Family Farm in North Carolina, you can find out how!  Hux Family Farm is looking for volunteers to spend time with baby goats so from an early age, they can begin forming intimate bonds with humans.  While most farm-raised goats are separated from their mothers at birth, the kids at Hux are raised with their mothers and socialized with humans from an early age, creating a special bond between the two.  

As the farm grows, and the demand for goats for yoga or meditation increases, they need people to step up to the plate, and cuddle with these baby goats.

Seriously, the farm is looking for volunteers!  For cuddling baby goats!

Via Charlotte Stories