Photo By: Dreamstime

A Massive Sinkhole Opened At An Intersection In Fort Worth

January 4, 2019

Just about everyone hits at least one pothole on their way to work in the morning. One poor guy in Fort Worth hit the mother of all potholes right in the middle of rush hour.

Early Thursday morning the city of Fort Worth got a call about a Lexus getting stuck in a giant pothole, only it was much worse than a pothole. A sinkhole had opened up at the corner of West 7th and Carroll Street in Fort Worth. 

The sinkhole turned out to be 10 feet in diameter and several feet deep. So far two lanes on Carroll Street have been taken away. 

The car that was caught in the sinkhole had to be towed away, luckily no one was injured. The assistant director of the Fort Worth Transportation and Public Works Greg Simmons told WFAA that a broken storm drain is what caused the sinkhole form, "We have a storm drain line that has a separation, and as the runoff was going through it it was eroding." 

The weather this week definitely didn’t help. The city has not yet said when the sinkhole will be fixed; so far part of the intersection will be blocked off until next week. One lane on West 7th going westbound will remain open. 

Check out the photo the of the sinkhole that the Fort Worth Police Department posted down below. It’s pretty big.