Photo By: Dreamstime

Video Shows A Giant Teddy Bear Getting Tackled After Entering A Texas Air Force Base

October 5, 2018

This is one way to keep your employees their toes. 

When watching the video of this giant teddy bear entering an air force base, you might think that someone just pulled off one daring prank. But really it was part of a training exercise. 

According to George Woodward, with the Air Force’s 82nd Training Wing public affairs office, they were just making sure their security guards stay sharp and that includes surprising them occasionally. 

“Like most of you, I had a good laugh at the video posted here of the big yellow bear at Sheppard’s main gate. It’s also, believe it or not, deadly serious. Think about what we ask of our military and civilian security forces airmen. They spend long hours in the heat of the day and the dark of the night defending our bases. We expect them to be aware and ready every moment to respond to any imaginable situation, and possibly make a split-second, life-and-death decision on the use of force.”

The video is pretty funny and ends with an impressive tackle by one of the security guards, check it out below.

Via: Fort Worth Star-Telegram