Kids at a lemonade stand

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Children’s Lemonade Stands Are Officially Legal As Gov. Abbott Signs Bill Into Law

June 11, 2019

When you were a kid did you know you needed a permit to have a lemonade stand? 

Bet you feel like such a rebel now for breaking the law. 

Now your kids and grandkids will never have to worry about having a permit or paying a fine for having a lemonade stand in the great state of Texas. Governor Greg Abbott has now signed House Bill 234, otherwise known as the “Common Sense Law."

The bill would block cities and counties in the Lone Star State from enforcing or adopting ordinances that stop children from selling lemonade, or other non-alcoholic beverages, while on private property or in public parks.  

On Monday night Gov. Abbott posted a video on Twitter saying that he had to pass this law because kids all over Texas were having their lemonade stands shut down. 

The common sense law goes into effect on September 1st.