Jordan Buckley, Every Time I Die

(Photo by Jason L Nelson/AdMedia)

Fan Thanks Every Time I Die Guitarist After Beer Spit In Her Eye Saved Her Life

July 25, 2018

Jordan Buckley, guitarist of Buffalo metal band Every Time I Die can update his résumé, by this time adding "life saver" to his list of special skills.

It's not uncommon for Buckley to spit beer out in stage while performing.  Inevitably, some of it finds its way down to the crowd.  For one fan, some of the beer wound up in her eye.  After a day her eye was still a little irritated, so she went to the doctor, thinking she had an eye infection.  But it turned out to be something far worse!  

Buckley documented the entire exchange he had with the fan through a series of tweets.

Isn't that insane?!  And of course, the moral of the story:

Who'll be the next person to be saved by Every Time I Die?  There are already volunteers!

Via Billboard