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100 Goats Take Over Neighborhood In Idaho

August 3, 2018

On Friday morning, August 3, 2018, around 100 goats broke loose on a neighborhood in Boise, Idaho and began to eat almost everything they could.  

People in the neighborhood knew the goats weren't wild since they all had tags on them, but weren't sure where they came from at first.  Well it turns out there is a company in the area known as "We Rent Goats" and rent out herds of the farm animal for people to get rid of weeds from any fields, acerage, or any open spaces.  

According to the company owner the goats were at a nearby pond and broke through a wooden fence and decided to go exploring.  

The report on the goats happened around 7 am and they were all gathered up by 9 am.  

-source via ktvt.com