Amazon Alexa

(Photo by Howard Lipin/San Diego Union-Tribune/TNS)

Here's How You Can Listen To Everything Amazon's Alexa Has Been Recording In Your Home

May 29, 2018

Technology is a funny thing. Everybody loves it until something bad it starts recording your conversations.

Last week, Amazon's Alexa got into a bit of trouble after she apparently recorded a private conversation, then sent the conversation to someone in her owner's  contact list. Of course Amazon is already looking into the incident since Alexa is only supposed to record conversations after she's been summoned by her human overlords.

Don't panic just yet. There is a way to listen to every conversation Alexa has recorded in your house. Amazon makes all recent recordings available via the companion Alexa app for iOS and Android. Open the app and follow these instructions...

1. Click on the menu.

2. Select Settings and scroll down to History.

3. Play back the original recording, then hit delete. 

And if you're wondering why Alexa records your conversations at all? Well, according to Amazon it's using those recording as a study guide in order to improve itself every time you speak to it.