(Photo by Gabe Hernandez/Caller-Times via USA TODAY NETWORK)

High School Friends Hold Senior Pictures Photo Shoot At Whataburger

May 16, 2018

When your high school career is coming to an end, it's not uncommon to participate in a photo shoot to celebrate finally graduating from high school.

More often than not, students will select a theme for their senior pictures that's personal and represents a memory or huge part of their life.  And that's exactly what these guys did.

Just days away from graduating from Barbers Hill High School, in Mont Belvieu, Ryan Melton and Layton English decided to have their senior pictures taken at a place special to both of them, Whataburger.  Ryan's mom Sheila wrote on Facebook, "They spent so much time there during high school, it only made sense some of their senior pics should be taken at Whataburger."

Ryan and Layton posed in their caps and gowns draped over Whataburger "Class of '18" shirts as they enjoyed their favorite foods.  We have no idea where these guys are headed for college in the fall, but we have no doubt they will be the most successfull of their entire class!

Via ABC 13