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High School Senior Elected To Granbury Independent School District School Board

Chris Willis, A senior At Granbury High School Promises To Bring An Insider's Perpective

November 7, 2018

This midterm season was full of surprises, but one of the most shocking stories to come from yesterday’s election was in Granbury, Texas. That’s because 18 year old Chris Willis was elected to the Granbury Independent School District's school board in Hood County. Chris won the election with 41 percent of the vote.

Chris Willis, who attends the local high school, along with working as an assistant manager at Chick-fil-A, now has something else to add to his list of responsibilities. While some may find this decision shocking, the people of Granbury clearly didn’t. They didn’t see this election as a joke, and the majority truly felt this high school senior was fit for the position.

Those running against Chris Willis were Cyndi Wren, a paralegal, and Maureen Griffin, a brand developer with a real estate group. While some may see these other candidates as more experienced, Willis said from the start not to look at his age as a disadvantage. He promised to give his honest perspective, one that comes with an inside perspective of the schools.

Chris Willis’ campaign page spoke of his age, and why voters shouldn’t use that against him. “Don’t dismiss people for being too young to make a difference. Anyone at any age can make a difference," said the newly elected member of the Granbury Independent School District school board. Willis will now have to deal with issues involving the schools, which he feels he’s ready to do.

In a video posted to Facebook, Chris Willis thanks the voters, and now seems poised to get to work. While some may think he’s too young for the responsibility, he doesn’t see it that way. “Myself being a senior at Granbury High School, I know what is actually going on inside the school system,” said Willis. Now as long as chores don’t get in the way, Chris Willis seems ready for the task at hand.