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After 106 Years, Highland Park Soda Fountain Is Closing Its Doors

August 12, 2018

Highland Park Soda Fountain first opened on Knox St. as a pharmacy in 1912.  

In 2006, the store was purchased by Sonny and Gretchen Minyard Williams, and the pharmacy was shut down buy 2012.  Still, Highland Park Soda Fountain continued the tradition of serving delicious and inexpensive food, offering sandwiches, soups, salads, milkshakes, and breakfasts all for $7 or less.  

Unfortunately, after serving families for 106 years, Highland Park Soda Fountain will be shutting its doors for good.  The store will be knocked down in favor of a new office building in its location.  The family that owns Weir's Furniture partnered with real estate firm Four Rivers Capital to redevelop the corner of Knox and Travis, the current location of Highland Park Soda Fountain.  They plan to develop a new new office building, along with an underground parking garage on the corner.

You still have some time, however.  The last day of operation for Highland Park Soda Fountain is Sunday, September 9th.  There is a chance the soda fountain could return to the same location, however it would be in a new building.  An employee said they are weighing their options.  "We are invited back, but it would be a couple of years after construction."  In the meantime, they urge everyone to come enjoy the final month of Highland Park Soda Fountain, "Come be a part of history before it's too late.  And don't forget to get a Souvenir T-shirt."

Via Culture Map Dallas