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Teen Hospitalized After Being Hit By Falling Sheep While Hiking

August 22, 2018

They always warn you of three times before you go hiking in a mountain range: Lions, Bears, and Sheep that trip over their own hooves. 

A teenager in Northern Ireland probably should have watched out for that third warning.  He was hiking along the Mournes Mountains with a group near Hares Gap in Northern Ireland when he was hit by a sheep that jumped from an adjacent crag.  The Mourne Mountain Rescue Team arrived at the scene around 4:30 in the afternoon last Friday, and found the victim with a range of potential injuries to the head, neck, back, abdominal, and leg.

The teen was evacuated via a stretcher, and was transferred to a nearby hospital.  The Mourne Mountain Rescue Team believe the sheep was uninjured after the incident and the sheep was uninjured and left the area unaided.

Via The Irish Post