Buried Treasure

Historians Believe They Have Found $17 Billion In Treasure

May 24, 2018

Historians believe a ship that sunk to the bottom of the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Columbia may be the mother-load of treasure ships!

The Boston Globe reports the 62-gun, three-masted galeon, named the "San Jose", sunk on June 8, 1708, with 600 passengers, during a battle with British ships in the War of Spanish Succession.

Currently, the ship is over 2,000 feet deep, and the depth of this possible adventure includes legal battles concerning who has rights to the treasure, if found.

The ship was found 3-years ago with the assistance of the Woods Hold Oceanographic Institution.

Those involved believe gold, silver and emeralds are to be found with a value of up to $17,000,000,000! Yeah, you counted the zeros correctly... BILLION!

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$17 billion! Whew! I could buy a Slurpee machine! Lol!