Blind Man, Sunglasses, Walking Stick

City Preparing To Host Annual "Blind Man Car Rally"

July 28, 2018

A city in India is preparing to host the country's annual Blind Man Car Rally.

It's an incredibly popular race featuring co-drivers that are visually impaired.  They navigate from checkpoint to checkpoint with instructions written in Braille, with a sighted driver behind the wheel.  

The event aims to empower those struck with visual impairment  to prove they are capable of taking part in a contested race amongst their peers.  The race moves from city to city every year, and increasingly grows in popularity.  All proceeds from the event are donated toward "the welfare of the visually impaired and education for underprivileged children."  There are often upwards of 85 contestants every year.  To make the event inclusive and safe for everyone, there are set speed guidelines.  If a team arrives at a checkpoint too early, they can be penalized just as they would if they arrived too late.

So cool!

Via Jalopnik