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Indian Army Claims To Have Found Yeti Footprints In The Himalayas

April 30, 2019

Here in America, we have we believe Big Foot still roams the forests, over in India they believe that Yeti or the Abominable Snowman lives somewhere in the Himalayas. 

Now mountaineers with the Indian Army claim to have found Yeti footprints. While out on an expedition in Nepal the team found mysterious footprints near the Mount Makalu base camp on April 9th. The prints measured 32 inches by 15 inches, talk about some big feet.

On Monday, Military officials posted pictures of their discovery on Twitter. 

According to a spokesman for the country's defense ministry photographs taken by the army's expedition team have been passed on to "the scientific community" for verification.

What do you think? Did someone make some crazy looking footprints or do you believe that the Yeti exists? 

Via: NBC News