Interior of airplane with passengers in seats

Credit: Getty Images-Vovashevchuk

Inebriated Flight Attendant Passes Out On Plane, Passengers Scared In The Air

Drunk flight attendant gets arrested and now faces charges

August 9, 2019

Passengers on a United Airline flight from Chicago to South Bend, Indiana say there was only one flight attendant on the flight.  She was drunk and slurring her words when giving safety instructions. Once the plane was in the air she passed out.  Passengers were very concerned for their safety.

According to the passengers who witnessed the intoxicated flight attendant, declare she was drunk.  "She had no coordination stumbling and bumping into passengers." 

When the plane landed she was unaware of what city she landed in. She was then escorted and arrested by airport police for her intoxication.  Police say she was impaired. They noticed she had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and a smell of alcohol.  She is now facing charges for endangering passengers and public intoxication.

Passenger Aaron Scherb tweeted at United Airlines while on the flight, saying he and others recognized her impairment.


Source: Kansas City Star, ABC