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A Man Tried To Share A Bagel Secret With The World, But The World Was Having None Of It

Twitter User, Alek Krautmann, Claims These Bagels Are A “St. Louis Secret”

March 27, 2019

A man thought he was showing the world the greatest thing since sliced bread; slicing bagels as if they were a loaf of bread. After the bagels were a big hit with his office, twitter user Alek Krautmann thought he would share the secret of St. Louis style bagels. However, the internet wasn’t ready for the change.

On Monday, Alek brought two boxes of bagels into his office form Panera Bread. The bagels were a little bit different than normal though, as instead of being cut horizontally, the bagels were cut vertically like sliced bread. In his tweet Alek said the bagels were a huge hit with his office, but the rest of the internet didn’t feel the same way.

The internet clearly wasn’t ready to end this bagel tradition. St. Louis style calls for tiny disks instead of circled halves, and many were confused about how many to eat. Some St. Louis natives even claimed to never have heard of this bagel styling.

While Alek took quite a hit on twitter for his bagel secret, it worked out well for him in the end. Panera Bread offered him some free bagels, cut however he wants. While the world will continue eating bagels the traditional way, Alek and his office now have their own bagel secret to keep to themselves.

Via USA Today