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Boy Freaks Out After Sisters Prank Him Into Thinking He's Invisible (Video)

September 10, 2018

There's a viral magic trick floating around right now.  

Based on a scene from the hit Netflix show Magic For Humans, magician Justin Williams convinces people they turn invisible with some "fancy" blanket-work, but more importantly a few willing and stone-faced volunteers.

Of course, with a trick this seemingly easy to pull off, you have to try it on unsuspecting family members, right?  And this seems perfect for younger siblings who don't know any better.  Which is exactly what California sisters Julissa and Jocelyn Camacho thought.  They were able to convince their eight-year-old brother Ezequiel that he was invisible, and he absolutely lost it!  

What set him off was Jocelyn posing for a picture with the "invisible" Ezequiel.  The sisters staged a similar photo earlier in the day without Ezequiel sitting on the bed, making it look like a picture with an invisible body.  Once he sees the "picture," he loses his mind.  It's adorably cruel.

And this isn't the first time a family has pranked a younger sibling, either.  Check out thie young girl's similar reaction.  Even Mom went in on the prank!

Via iNews