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James Wan, Director Of 'Aquaman,' Turned To Twitter To Ask Fans To Stop Bullying People Who Don't Like His Movie

A Heated Debate Has Started Online Over The Quality Of 'Aquaman'

December 31, 2018

Even with all the good the internet brings, it can be a pretty nasty place sometimes. For all the funny memes, and heartfelt messages that are out there, there are just as many negative words, and debates turned ugly. That’s why ‘Aquaman’ director, James Wan, took to twitter to remind fans of his movie that it’s okay for critics to not like his film.  

In his tweet, James Wan wrote, “It has come to my attention that some folks are getting harassed by some fans for not liking AQM. Please don’t do that. Not the kind of support I want. Be respectful.” With cyber-bullying being a constant problem for the online world, the director decided to step in and avoid cyber bullying happening around his film. His tweet continued saying, “it’s ok to not like my film, but there’s no need to attack me personally, or tag me on hates.”

Social media has been very opinionated on the film, even since before its release. The highly anticipated fil has done very well since its release, but that hasn’t stopped critics from attacking the film, and DC Comics in general. This has led to fans of ‘Aquaman’ to come after these critics, and often doing so harshly, creating an online debate that has in many cases turned ugly.

‘Aquaman’ has had a ton of box office success so far, winning its opening weekend, and following it up with another win the next week. So far the film has brought in $51.6 million domestically and $188.8 million worldwide. This of course has not stopped the negative comments on social media, as many other DC films have done well financially, but not critically.

Despite the online debate, the film has done well both financially and critically thus far. Director James Wan knows regardless of how his film came out, the critics would be out. This is why he hopes his tweet will stop the debate, and allow people to voice their opinion in peace. However, something tells me the internet won’t allow that to happen.

Via The Hollywood Reporter