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Allen Alum Kyler Murray's Nike Ad Will Give You Chills

April 25, 2019

So you and I may love Kyler for different reasons. 

Obviously he was born and raised in this great state, graduated from Allen, but THEN he played football for the greatest college on planet earth... The University Of Oklahoma. (There's Only One) (Sidenote: It's difficult being an Oklahoma fan in Texas) 

I digress, Kyler was drafted No. 9 overall in the MLB Draft by the Oakland A's, but still chose football. And guess what happens tonight? Football stuff. 

I'm kidding. The NFL Draft is tonight, Kyler is expected to go number 1. It's a very exciting night and you're excited and I'm excited, and watch this, because it will give you chills.

Also, Boomer Sooner.