Cage The Elephant Releases Details On New Album "Social Cues"

The meaning behind the new album is more relatable than you think .

January 31, 2019
Cage The Elephant, Social Cues, Album Cover, Music

Cage the Elephant have been pretty quiet since they came off the road in 2016, promoting their last album Tell Me I'm Pretty in 2015.

They probably had a total of 30 days off in the last 5 years, so in "taking a break" they also had some time to sit and focus on this next album, Social Cues

Well that, and they released Unpeeled, which is stripped down versions of a couple of their own songs.

Regardless, this upcoming album was written during Matt's relationship coming to an end, which means more raw and grimy truth from the guys in Cage The Elephant.

Here's the track listing, for some insight and what we can look forward to.

Broken Boy 
Social Cues 
Black Madonna 
Night Running (Cage The Elephant, Beck) 
Skin and Bones 
Ready To Let Go 
House of Glass 
Love’s the Only Way 
The War is Over 
Dance Dance 
What I’m Becoming 
Tokyo Smoke 

Here's the video for their new single "Ready To Let Go".

Social Cues is out April 19th, but you can hear the latest single "Ready to Let Go" every hour and a half today on ALT 103.7.