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There's Good Spiders, And Bad Spiders. But You Knew That Already, Right?

July 11, 2019

I've been a DFW resident for 1 year, and 3 months. I've experienced Texas summers. I've experienced bugs, critters, snakes, fire ants, worms, rats, rabbits, etc. 

But what NOBODY warned me about was these "innocent garden spiders." 


I walked outside to my backyard last night, around 8:00pm, and there's this GIANT BEAST making a zig zag web, and is the size of my brand new 7 pound puppy. You will never be able to see the footage of what my body did once I realized that was in fact, a real spider. I immediately screamed, then cried, then ran. In that order. 

After some research, (which I feel should be a part of any southern state's Welcome Packet) I found: (from Orkin) 

"Garden spiders are very beneficial because they help keep insect populations in check. However, their large orb webs can be troublesome to people near walkways, gates, or windows. Garden spiders are not aggressive and only attack when disturbed or handled, although their large webs and size of the adult females does give them a menacing appearance. A garden spider bite is typically less painful than a bee sting and garden spiders will attempt to flee, rather than bite an intruder.

Oh good. So they can bite if they want to. Wonderful. I'm burning my house down.