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The Top 5 Speeding Tickets for Texas in 2018 Will Blow Your Mind.

It's No Secret We Have A Thing For Driving Fast

March 7, 2019

There were over 220 tickets last year, in Texas, for people speeding OVER 120 mph. 

I understand that we have places to be, people to see, but goodness!

The fastest I've ever gone was 110 in a 75 in my 2 door 2001 Honda Accord. I just wanted to know what it felt like. I was also young, quite dumb, and very lucky. 

Here's a piece of the list I grabbed from The Drive for the top 5 highest speeding tickets (yes, some were not even caught) we grabbed in 2018. 


#1: 166 mph in a 75 mph zone


2003 Porsche 911 

I-40 in Carson County 


#2: 162 mph in a 75 mph zone


1994 Honda Motorcycle 

I-35 in Williamson County 


#3: 160 mph in a 65 mph zone


2008 Suzuki GSX 

US-54 in El Paso County 


#4: 156 mph in a 65 mph zone


2000 Honda Motorcycle

US-83 in Hidalgo County


#5: 156 mph in a 70 mph zone


2002 Honda CBR 

Chisholm Trail Parkway in Tarrant County 


If you want to see the entire list for the top speeds in Texas for 2018, click here.