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Jenna Fischer Spent Her Family Vacation In Dallas!

July 25, 2018

Even the celebs get Texas!

Last week actress Jenna Fischer, who you know from The Office, spent some time in Dallas on her summer vacation. WHY? Isn't it obvious? We have the cleanest bathrooms in the country!

Oh yes, they absolutely made a pit stop at Buc-ee's for a potty break. Their trip also included a day at the Perot Museum, lunch at the Original Shady's, then headed to Sweet Firefly for an afternoon treat.

Just finished our family vacation to Dallas! Here were the highlights! 1. The Perot Museum. WE LOVED IT. I could have spent hours in their hall of minerals. So very cool. 2. Burgers at Shady's (I had the Slim Shady salad...so good!!) and then 3. Walk to Sweet Firefly for homemade ice cream. Finally, 4. While road tripping, stopped at Buc-ee's for the cleanest bathrooms...I also got a new sun hat and a brisket sandwich. Thanks for a great vacation Texas! (Even though it was over 100 degrees every day!) #dallas

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And even though it was the hottest temperatures on record for the week, she still managed to give Texas a big ole "thank you."