Jimmy Fallon

Photo by Leila Navidi/Minneapolis Star Tribune/TNS/Sipa USA

Jimmy Fallon & Christina Aguilera Surprise Subway Riders By Performing In Disguise

June 15, 2018

There aren't many good surprises when riding the New York subway, but when there are they make headlines.

Jimmy Fallon recently shocked some subway goers with a very unique performance with Christina Aguilera.

No one knew it was the two of them at first, everyone just assumed they had stumbled upon a couple of talented undiscovered artists. Aguilera and Fallon both wore wigs, hats and large glasses to help keep identity a secret. After playing one song for a large crowd in the subway, the two took off their disguises and surprised everyone. They then performed Christina Aguilera's 2002 hit 'Fighter'.

Talk about a playing a pop-up show! Check out the video below.

Via: USA Today