Kid Pees During Dad's Marriage Proposal

May 15, 2018

When you gotta go, you gotta go!

Kevin Pryztula's marriage proposal to girlfriend Alyssa will be one of the most memorable moments in their lives. Not because of the ring or their ever-growing love for one another, but because Kevin's son opted to take a leak during the big moment.

Kevin had taken Alyssa to the fountain at Wenonah Park, a pretty romantic spot in Bay City, Michigan. While dad is getting down on one knee for the big moment, you can hear is son in the background saying, "Imma pee outside." In fact he says it twice, but dad is doesn't hear him since he's about to pop the question. Mid proposal, Kevin's son hops down off the fountain, drops his pants all the way to the ground, and starts peeing.

Of course, dad is completely unaware of this epic moment happening behind him. The camera woman is dying laughing while trying to get the couple's attention. However, by this point it's too late. The tinkle is done.

By the way, Alyssa still said "yes."