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(Photo by Anthony Behar/Sipa Press/1104041910)

The Final Remaining Blockbuster In America Releases Its Own Beer, "The Last Blockbuster"

August 28, 2018

The last remaining Blockbuster in America is located in Bend, Oregon.  For a while, Alaska was home to three Blockbuster video stores, but those met their fate this summer.

To celebrate America's final remaining Blockbuster, Bend's 10 Barrel Brewing has partnered with the store to release their very own beer.  "The Last Blockbuster" will be released September 21st, as is described as "S1nist0r black ale with nuances of red licorice."  S1nist0r is a beer 10 Barrel has brewed before, and of course, what kind of trip to Blockbuster would be complete without a couple of VHS tapes and a bag of Twizzlers?  A press release says The Last Blockbuster pairs "perfectly with buttery theater popcorn and your favorite movie-sized chocolate with a light body, smooth finish, and hints of nostalgia."

For now, The Last Blockbuster will only be available at 10 Barrel’s six brewpub locations, two in Bend, one in Denver, one in Portland, Oregon, one in Boise, Idaho, and one in San Diego, but hopefully they release it country-wide.  We want to taste some of that nostalgia, too!

Via The Takeout