Breakfast Tacos

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Bill Filed Could Make Breakfast Tacos The Official Breakfast Item Of Texas

March 18, 2019

What did you have for break breakfast this morning? A cold bowl of cereal, a piece of fruit, or did you have some yogurt and granola? 

If so, it's probably because you didn’t have enough time to make breakfast tacos for yourself. Just about every restaurant you go to in Texas that serves breakfast will always have breakfast tacos on their menu. whether it's some small café or a diner they’ll be making breakfast tacos. 

Now bill HCR 123, filed by Rep. Stephanie Klick, R-Fort Worth would make breakfast tacos the official breakfast item of the Lone Star State. Apparently, we have a state snack and a state dish but not a state breakfast. 

Klick wrote that “Texas is renowned for its distinctive and delicious foods, and our state has put its brand on breakfast with a versatile item that is beloved from the Panhandle to the Rio Grande: the breakfast taco.”

According to Austin 360, it isn’t the first time that Klick has filed this bill. During the last legislative session, the bill didn’t make it out of committee. 

Klick says that just like barbeque, breakfast tacos are a Texas staple, “The breakfast taco has become a signature Texas food on a par with barbecue and chicken-fried steak, and it is enjoyed by countless residents of the Lone Star State each morning as the perfect way to start their day.”

Pretty sure no one can argue that there’s a better breakfast item in Texas. 

How do you like your breakfast tacos, with eggs and bacon? With cheese and potatoes? Or with brisket?