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Leaked Photos Show New iPhones A Week Before Unveiling

September 7, 2018

With just a week left until Apple unveils their newest model of iPhones, we have an exclusive first look thanks to a leaked photo making the rounds on the internet.

We really can't tell a difference, except these models come in red and blue.  We're sure there are a ton of features to be had, but those don't really translate through pictures, y'know?

The latest version of the iPhone X will reportedly be known as the  "iPhone XS Max," with the least expensive model Apple will be launching this year called the "iPhone Xr," rather than iPhone 9.  Those with a keen eye for this sort of thing can probably identify some of the features to be included in the new models, including a single-lens rear camera, the location of the SIM tray, and what appears to be a glass back and an aluminum frame.

We'll see what's in store in a week!

Via NY Post