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Stay The Night In This ‘90s Themed Airbnb In Dallas

August 7, 2019

Sometimes you just need a weekend getaway, or maybe you just want to go back to a time when things were simpler; like when you were a kid in the ‘90s. 

If that’s what you need then we have just the place for you. 

An Airbnb on Lower Greenville in Dallas is completely decked out with ‘90s gear. Furniture, wallpaper, lights, decorations you name it. The house is listed on Airbnb under the name The SLATER. 

This place looks like the coolest hangout ever. It comes with two bedrooms, four beds and can sleep up to seven people comfortably. The living room comes equipped with all your ‘90s entertainment needs. There’s a Nintendo 64, a built-in VCR in the TV and a variety of ‘90s classics including Disney movies and 'The Titanic'. 

The bedrooms are another story, they feature posters of The New Kids On the Block, Michael Jordan and the green Power Ranger. There’s even a transparent telephone and payphone in the house. 

Prices for The SLATER start at $150 pre-night, split that four or five ways with some friends and that’s a pretty affordable weekend getaway. 

We are excited to announce our 90s kid Airbnb, @theslaterdallastx is now open! Here’s what our first few guests have said, “F⭐️⭐️king unbelievably fun...It’s everything you dreamed of if you are a 90s kid.” -Glen “I felt transported to my childhood.” -Haley “The nostalgia you feel when you walk in is unbelievable.” -Alberto

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