Billie Eilish performs

Credit: © Alive Coverage

Billie Eilish Recreates Fred Astaire’s Trick On SNL And Dances On The Ceiling

SNL Billie Eilish 'Bad Guy' Performance

September 30, 2019

For this year’s season premiere, on Saturday Night Live Billie Eilish went all out, performing “Bad Guy” while recreating one of Fred Astaire’s most famous effects.

That’s right she executed dancing on the ceiling.  See the video footage linked below:

It’s rare for guest on ‘Saturday Night Live Show’ to involve so many special effects since the show is live, there is a strict timetable making it very tight so make adjustments, and the budget for lavish musical numbers can play effect as well.

Eilish, who is 17 was able to overcome all the mentioned issues and definitely rocked out and conquered this hard shoot exquisitely.

Unlike, Fred Astaire whom recreated in this footage he had multiple shots to take during the film while she executed this live.

Way to Billie keep rocking out all-star, this performance is one for the books!

Via: Slate