Burger King

Photo By: James M. Dobson / The Spectrum & Daily News

Burger King Tricks Customers Into Eating A Vegan Whopper

April 1, 2019

Let the April Fools jokes continue, just don’t mess with our burgers. 

Burger King announced that they would be rolling out a vegan burger called the Impossible Whopper at 59 of their St. Louis, Missouri locations. To help show that you can’t taste the difference between a regular patty and the vegan patty, the burger chain pulled an April Fools joke on a few customers. 

Burger King swapped out the regular beef patty on a few of their customer’s orders and replaced them with what’s called the Impossible Burger. A burger made entirely from plants. After the customers had fully consumed their meals, they were pulled aside and told that they had just eaten a vegan burger. 

Check out the video below of their hilarious reactions and how they were left in "udder" disbelief. 

Via: New York Post