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Fall Out Boy In the Middle of Llama Lawsuit

A Stuffed animal company is seeking damages over life-size llama puppets

March 18, 2019

Fall Out Boy have allegedly been sued by Furry Puppet Studio Inc. over the use of their iconic, life-size llama puppets, according to Reuters. The claim, filed Friday, seeks damages reportedly totaling millions of dollars.

The wearable llama puppets were first seen in Fall Out Boy's 2017 single, "Young and Menace" but have since been seen on tour and in other videos. The llamas were the star of "The Last of The Real Ones" and also appeared in "HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON'T", "Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)" and "Bishops Knife Trick".

Fall Out Boy also used the llama puppets as marketing-related material on the road. The puppets appeared on their most recent run, the MANIA tour. 

One show included Fortnite face off between the llamas, check it out:

The company claims FOB didn't have permission to use the puppets outside of the "Young and Menace" video.

Per the company's lawyer, the band has illegally exploited the sue of the life-sized puppets and in return, they're now seeking damages that could reach millions of dollars.

FOB have yet to release a statement on the matter.


Source: ALT Press