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Foo Fighters’ Record Engineer Reveals ‘My Hero’ Was About Kurt Cobain

Bradley Cook Recently Said The Hit Song Was In Fact Written About The Late Nirvana Singer

May 1, 2019

Dave Grohl has had a career any musician would be envious of. After starting as the drummer of Nirvana, Grohl then went on to start his own band, Foo Fighters, after Kurt Cobain’s death. Now, in a new interview with the Foo Fighters’ record engineer, Bradley Cook, he revealed one of their biggest hits was written about Kurt Cobain.

In the interview, Bradley Cook sits down to discuss a number of things about the Foo Fighters hit song, ‘My Hero.’ One of the most shocking revelations that came from the interview is that Cook revealed the song was in fact written about Kurt Cobain.

When asked what he could tell about the track, Cook said, “It’s about Kurt Cobain…That’s what he [Grohl] told me, yeah. The cool thing about this is that he wanted to do double drums, like let’s do double drums on this. So we had recorded the first set in the cement drum room, then we moved the double drums to the back parking garage where was a big stage.”

While many have speculated about the song’s meaning, and who it’s about, for years, Bradley Cook has now confirmed what many already believed. Dave Grohl has remained silent on this topic, but has always discussed the inspiration Cobain was to him. If this is indeed true, Grohl was just like all of us: Kurt Cobain was his hero.

Via Metalhead Zone