Mark Foster from Foster the People

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Mark Foster Opens Up About Controversial Conspiracy Tweets

What Mark Foster really thinks happened to Jeffrey Epstein

September 25, 2019

Vampire Weeeknd’s Ezra Koeing welcomed a very special guest on his Beats 1 show “Time Crisis.” 

Front man of Foster the People, Mark Foster.  Foster had recently made headlines after he shared conspiracy theories of Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

In various tweets Foster wrote on the subject accompanied by hashtags like “#EpsteinCoverUp” and “#EpsteinBodyDouble.”

Koeing, interviewed Foster about the theory and how long he had been keeping up with the Epstein story.

Koeing also goes on to tell Foster, “whether or not you wanted to be—you’re the voice of that particular theory.”

He goes on to ask Foster, “Was it the side by side photo that set you off? What about before you saw the photo, did you already think, ‘I bet he’s not even dead?’”

Foster’s replied, “I think you go through all the realms of possibilities of what happened, what could have happened, and I’m not a forensics expert—I put out a tweet. You know what I mean? But you look at the photo, and it’s not the same guy!”

Ending the interview Koeing asked Foster to address viewers on what they should take away from his tweets over Epstein.  

Foster’s response was, “I feel like we’re living in an age of misinformation, people need to do their own research and dig and not believe everything that you hear.”

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