Video Of Trick-Or-Treater Filling Empty Halloween Candy Bowl Goes Viral

This will make you smile.

November 2, 2019

Finally...a Nest security camera actually caught something good!

Because Leslie Hodges wanted to take her 3-year-old daughter trick-or-treating on Halloween night, her husband Kevin (who was working) was keeping a close eye on the candy bowl the family had left out for trick-or-treaters.  Instead of catching children ripping off their treats, Kevin spied 8-year-old Jackson Champagne refilling their empty trick-or-treat candy bowl with his own bag of candy!

Leslie posted the video on Facebook, and the video went viral: it's been viewed (and praised) over 10 million times (not to mention shared over 356,000 times).

Jackson's good deed hasn't gone unnoticed: the Hodges are presenting a gift card to Jackson (from his favorite store, Target).

See how it all played out below.

Source: People