Rich Fury / Staff

YUNGBLUD And Machine Gun Kelly Discuss Friendship And Their Favorite Karaoke Songs

The Two Artists Recently Interviewed Each Other About Their Friendship And Careers

August 29, 2019

There’s nothing like busting out some karaoke with friends, even when it’s YUNGBLUD and Machine Gun Kelly. The two friends recently sat down to discuss their friendship, and even got into their favorite karaoke songs. Though they both have success as musicians, they claim to turn to Taylor Swift’s music when singing karaoke.

YUNGBLUD and Machine Gun Kelly recently sat down at Reading and Leeds Festival to interview each other about their relationship. Not only did they discuss singing Oasis and the Killers songs at karaoke, but MGK added, YUNGBLUD “blew (his) mind” when covering Taylor Swift’s ’22.’

The two then got into how their relationship started with Machine Gun Kelly saying YUNGBLUD walked into his house “without knocking on the door.” Since then their relationship has grown, as the two have worked together on songs including their track ‘I Think I’m Okay’ which they recently dedicated a performance of, while performing on the ‘Late Late Show With James Corden.’ It seems these two artists have a friendship everyone wishes they could be involved in.

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