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2018 Could End As The First Year On Modern Record With No Violent Tornadoes

December 27, 2018

A lot may have happened in 2018, but unbelievably, there was a surprising lack of violent tornadoes across the country.

Now the weather has been harrowing the last few days, but if it stands, 2018 will become the first year in modern record with no violent tornadoes touching down in the United States, or those strongest on a 0 to 5 scale, ranked EF4 or EF5.  Unfortunately, we did lose ten lives this year due to tornado activity, but if that holds, that will also be a record low for deaths caused by the weather phenomenon.

The modern record began in 1950.  We were close to achieving this feat in 2005, but a violent tornado occurred November 15, which is still much later than they typical first of the year, which we all know can usually occur in the springtime.  Authorities believe this severe lack of tornadoes is, among many factors, due to high pressure being more dominant than normal throughout peak season this past spring.

We know there are just a few days left, but let's hope this tornado drought continues to hold!

Via Laredo Morning Times