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For 35 Years, Garfield Phones Have Been Washing Up A French Beach, And Nobody Knows Why

April 1, 2019

Since the 1980s, phones made out in the likeness of the cartoon cat Garfield have been mysteriously washing up onto the beaches of the Iroise coast of Brittany in France.

Nobody knew where these phones came from, and the locals had no choice but to continually scavenge the beach and clean them of these phones.

Nobody knew where they came from at least, until now.

For 35 years, these Garfield phones have been washing up from a long-abandoned shipping container.

A team comprised of journalists, the anti-litter group Ar Vilantsou, were led to a cave by a local farmer who first noticed the Garfield phones after storms in the early ‘80s.

This cave housed a destroyed container, buried under rocks, which proved to be the source of the mysterious Garfield phones.


Unfortunately the container is so buried under rocks it is inaccessible.  So for the time being, the locals are going to have to continue cleaning their beach of Garfield phones.

Via The Verge