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45-Year-Old Man Pledges A Fraternity, Calls Cops When They Haze Him

December 19, 2018

A 45-year-old Brooklyn man decided the best use of his time was to pledge a fraternity.  

We're not sure if Tory Gates ever had the frat experience 25 years prior, but it doesn't sound like he enjoyed it this time around very much.  He was hanging out, drinking inside a house, when some of the fraternity brothers blindfolded him, bent him over, and proceeded to whip his butt with a paddle up to 200 times.  Apparently, the man didn't enjoy that every at all.

Even though it was all part of a "hazing ritual," he ended up so bruised he checked himself into Mount Sinai hospital, and then proceeded to call the police on the fraternity.

The apartment where the alleged hazing occurred was boarded up, and chained off from entrance.  Gates' neighbors were stunned when they learned he decided to pledge a frat so late in life.  One said, "A hazing incident?  Do you know how old he is?  Maybe it's about nostalgia or something. He's a strong guy, physically, so I'm not sure what that is all about."

No college was listed as being affiliated with the Clinton Hill-based Brooklyn chapter of Omega Psi Phi, and calls to the frat were not returned.

Gates has two teenage children,

Via Fox News